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Let's go to the cinema.

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      • Let's go to the cinema.
      • Who's your favourite actor?
        favoritesingular, informal
      • Do you prefer comedy or drama?
        singular, informal
      • I love thrillers.
      • What time is the film on?
      • I'd like two tickets, please.
      • May I see your ID, please?
        singular, formal
      • We need four seats side-by-side.
      • Who's going to pick up the tickets for the show?
      • I'd like to make a reservation.
      • The tickets for this film are sold out.
      • I'll get some popcorn.
      • Where would you like to seat?
        singular, informal
      • Can I help you find your seat?
        singular, formal
      • Quiet, please.
      • Please turn off your mobile phones.
        cell phonesplural
      • Where's the exit?
      • Did you like the film?
      • What's it about?
      • Who's in it?
      • I always go to the cinema with María and Tomás.
      • What time does it play?
      • What kind of film is it?
      • Is it a horror film?
      • What's the name of the film?
      • The evening show is at 7.
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