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We should go to the chemist now.
drugstore, pharmacy

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      • We should go to the chemist now.
        drugstore, pharmacy
      • I need alcohol, bandages and cotton.
      • Could you take my blood pressure?
      • Do I need a prescription for this medicine?
      • Is there any OTC medicine for my eyes?
      • I need an analgesic.
      • Can you recommend a cough syrup?
        singular, formal
      • I'd like something for the flu.
      • Do you have syringes for insulin injections?
        singular, formal
      • What can I take for an earache?
      • Do you have anything for a toothache?
        singular, formal
      • What can I take for a sore throat?
      • Could you give me something for a wart?
        singular, formal
      • What can I take for a stomachache?
      • Which laxative do you recommend?
        singular, formal
      • Is there anything to relieve a sunburn?
      • Is this an antibiotic?
      • You can take ibuprofen for your period pains.
        singular, formal
      • Shake well before use.
        singular, formal
      • Do you want a large bottle or a small one?
      • Do you prefer chewable tablets?
        singular, formal
      • I need some water-purifying tablets.
      • Do you have condoms?
      • Cliente: I have a sore throat.
      • Cliente: What can I have?
      • Farmacéutico: We have eucaliptus candies with analgesics.
      • Cliente: Are they over the counter?
      • Farmacéutico: Yes, of course.
      • Cliente: Do you have band-aids?
      • Farmacéutico: No, we've run out of them.
      • Cliente: Do you know where I can buy some?
        singular, formal
      • Farmacéutico: At the supermarket across the street.
      • Cliente: I need some cough syrup.
      • Farmacéutico: Is it for you?
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: Yes.
      • Farmacéutico: Try this one.
        singular, formal
      • Farmacéutico: It's very good.
      • Cliente: Do you have mosquito repellent?
      • Farmacéutico: Lotion or spray?
      • Cliente: I need some aspirin, please.
      • Farmacéutico: We don't have any.
      • Farmacéutico: Would you like some paracetamol?
        singular, formal
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