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A:Hello, where are you from?
singular, informal

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      • A: Hello, where are you from?
        singular, informal
      • B: From Colombia, and you?
        singular, informal
      • A: Scotland.
      • A: Where do you come from?
        last place you visitedsingular, informal
      • B: From Nicaragua.
      • A: And where are you going?
        singular, informal
      • B: To the United States.
      • A: When did you arrive?
        singular, informal
      • B: Last night.
      • A: When are you leaving?
      • B: Tomorrow morning.
      • A: How long have you been here?
        singular, informal
      • B: Three days.
      • A: How long are you planning to stay?
        singular, informal
      • B: Two weeks.
      • A: Did you like the city?
      • B: Yes, it's very nice.
      • C: Not so much; there's too much smog.
      • A: Where are you planning to go now?
        singular, informal
      • B: To Valencia.
      • A: How long have you been travelling?
        singular, informal
      • B: For five months.
      • A: Since when have you been travelling?
        singular, informal
      • B: Since February.
      • A: How long will you be travelling for?
        singular, formal
      • B: Until the end of the year.
      • A: How was the trip?
      • F: Very long, I'm tired.
      • A: What places did you visit?
        singular, informal
      • B: Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil.
      • A: What place did you like the most?
        singular, informal
      • B: They are all very nice, but I liked Brazil a lot.
      • A: Did you like Costa Rica?
      • B: Yes, a lot.
      • A: Did you visit any museums?
      • B: Yes, we went to the Modern Art Museum.
      • A: How did you travel here?
        singular, informal
      • B: By train.
      • A: Why didn't you travel by plane?
        singular, informal
      • B: Because it causes more pollution.
      • A: I'm going to travel to Argentina.
      • B: How are you travelling?
        singular, informal
      • A: By ship and bicycle.
      • A: Where are you staying?
        singular, informal
      • B: At Regina Hostel.
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