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This is how you can start to practice languages and help others:

CHALLENGES: to learn and practice while having fun

• Comprehension
• Writing
• Pronunciation
• Reading
Trial and error is the best way to learn. Trying and committing errors helps you to learn much faster than passively studying a topic. Don't stop to practice and to make mistakes, you will see that every time you repeat a challenge, you complete it more easily and with fewer mistakes, until reaching perfection.

TryCHAT!: the first chat that lets you correct your friends

We created the first interactive chat where users can correct each other. Chat in the language you are practicing and learn by being corrected by other users. This is an excellent way to have fun and also help others, all while getting to know people from other countries!

HELP OTHERS: correct exercises from other users

You are an expert in your native language. Help those that want to learn your language by correcting their pronunciation exercises. Listen to their audios and mark their errors. Mention and record the words they should practice or the sound they need to improve on. They will be very thankful and will return the favor! This is a great way to make friends.

MAKE NEW FRIENDS: get to know people from all over the world

TryAndSay recommends friends according to the languages you speak and the languages you are learning. With your new friends, you can chat, send messages, ask questions and exchange exercise corrections.

COMPETE: earn points, medals and certificates

During many of the activities in TryAndSay you earn points. Obtain the most points possible working on exercises and helping others. Receive award certificates and mentions of honor.

RECORD AUDIOS: teach the accent of your country

By recording audios with the accent of your country and region, you help others to learn it. All forms of pronunciation are interesting and important. There are many people who would like to know how people in your city speak!
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