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I have to go to the bank.

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    In this unit:
      • I have to go to the bank.
      • I want to open an account.
      • What are the requirements to open an account?
      • What do I need to apply for an account?
      • Can I apply online or by phone?
      • How can I open a bank account?
      • Can I open a joint account?
      • What kind of accounts do you offer?
        plural, formal
      • What's the required initial deposit?
      • How much is the accounts fee?
      • I have a current account and a deposit account.
      • You can use our telephone banking services.
        singular, formal
      • Do you have online banking services?
      • What are the maintenance fees?
      • What's the limit for money transfers?
      • We'll send you a monthly statement.
        singular, formal
      • I'll ask for a loan to buy a car.
      • What's the interest rate?
      • What's the minimum amount I have to pay?
      • I applied for a personal loan.
      • They've granted me the loan.
      • I got a loan.
      • I have to pay back the loan.
      • I'll pay back this loan as soon as I can.
      • What's my balance?
      • I have to make a deposit.
      • I'll write the check.
      • I have to take out money.
      • I'll get some money form the cash machine.
      • How much can I withdraw per month?
      • Are additional credit cards free of charge?
      • Where should I call if I lose my debit card?
      • What should I do if my credit card is stolen?
      • You have to cancel your credit and debit card.
        singular, formal
      • How can I pay my bills?
      • You should sign up for automatic bill payment.
        singular, formal, polite
      • Do you make electronic payments?
        singular, informal
      • You have to pay charges for late payment.
        singular, formal
      • Keep your deposit slips.
        singular, formal
      • What's the exchange rate?
      • His company went bankrupt.
      • I'm in debt.
      • I'm in the red.
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