Hablar de dinero

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Save money for a rainy day.
singular, informal

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      • Save money for a rainy day.
        singular, informal
      • He has a lot of money.
      • Time is money.
      • That's a lot of money!
      • I couldn't help buying it!
      • Can you lend me the money for the tickets?
        singular, informal
      • I'll give it back to you tomorrow.
        singular, informal
      • I'm sorry, but I ran out of cash.
      • It's only the beginning of the month, and I'm out of money already.
      • Can you pay with credit card?
        singular, informal
      • I charged my credit card over the limit.
      • Make a budget and control your expenses.
        singular, informal
      • Stop wasting your money!
        singular, informal
      • I'll make the minimum monthly payment.
      • She always forgets to pay her bills.
      • I always pay my bills on time.
      • I almost never use my credit card.
      • I prefer to pay with debit card.
      • How do you keep track of your expenses?
        singular, formal
      • Could I borrow 20 pesos?
        singular, informal, polite
      • You can pay in installments.
        singular, informal
      • How much do you think he earns?
        singular, informal
      • We only accept cash.
      • What's her annual income?
      • How much interest do you pay?
        singular, informal
      • She's a compulsive buyer.
      • I owe you 100 dollars.
        singular, informal
      • I'll pay with a credit card.
      • He's a shopaholic.
      • We spent a lot of money on repairs.
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