Mantener / Finalizar una conversación telefónica

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I'd like some information on the flights.

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    In this unit:
      • I'd like some information on the flights.
      • Can you tell me what time the train leaves?
        singular, formal
      • Could you tell me something about the hotel facilities?
        singular, formal, polite
      • I'm calling to offer our services.
      • I'm calling about the meeting we scheduled for today.
      • What time would be best for you?
        singular, formal
      • What day would be convenient?
      • Where would you like to meet?
      • A: I'm busy that day.
      • A: How about Tuesday?
        singular, formal
      • A: I'm afraid I have another appointment at 4.
      • A: What about at 2?
        singular, formal
      • So, I'll see you on Tuesday at 2 at your office.
      • We're meeting next week.
      • I'm sorry, but I'm a bit busy now, Mr. Perez.
      • Can I call you back later?
        singular, formal, masculine
      • I think you have the wrong number.
        singular, formal
      • I'm calling regarding your message about the new products.
        sngular, formal, masculine
      • I'm returning your call about the delivery of the books.
        singular, formal
      • Thank you for calling back.
      • I was calling about your proposal.
        singular, formal, masculine
      • I'm afraid I won't be able to attend the conference.
      • A: I'm afraid I don't know.
      • A: Let me get someone who can help you.
        singular, formal, feminine
      • I think Lara can answer your question.
        singular, formal
      • Excuse me, could you repeat that?
        singular, informal
      • Does that answer your question?
        singular, informal
      • I'll give her the message as soon as she returns.
      • Thank you for calling.
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