Preparando platos

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I'm preparing roasted chicken with grilled vegetables.

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      • I'm preparing roasted chicken with grilled vegetables.
      • How are you going to prepare the lobster?
        singular, informal
      • Can you add some red wine to the sauce?
        singualr, informal
      • I prepared mashed potatoes as a side dish.
      • This lamb is really tender.
      • Are the sweet potatoes crispy or soggy?
      • She prepared a bittersweet dressing for the salad.
      • My aunt prepares the best paella in the world.
      • You need some pecan nuts for the pie.
        singular, informal
      • These spaghetti are homemade.
      • I need a rolling pin to roll the dough.
      • Drain the fettuccine in a colander.
        singular, informal
      • I need a wooden spoon to stir the pasta.
      • Do you use a pasta machine to cut the dough?
        singular, informal
      • We can use that saucepan for the rice.
      • Would you like to sprinkle cheese on top?
        singular, informal
      • You have to chop garlic and onions for the sauce.
        singular, informal
      • Did you slice the mushrooms?
        singular, informal
      • Fill the prunes with stuffing.
        singular, informal
      • Blend the apricot jam with the cheese.
        singular, formal
      • This salad has spinach, bacon and eggs.
      • To prepare coleslaw you need carrots, white cabbage and onions.
        plural, formal
      • I always add raisins to the greted carrots.
      • To make the Black Forest cake you need cherries and chocolate.
        singular, formal
      • You finish the chocolate mousse with a raspberry coulis.
        singular, informal
      • Set the table, please
        singular, informal
      • Where are the forks and knives?
      • Which glasses are you going to use?
        singular, informal
      • Put the green tablecloth.
        singular, informal
      • Dinner is ready!
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