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A:How much exercise do you do?
singular, informal

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    In this unit:
      • A: How much exercise do you do?
        singular, informal
      • B: I go to the gym twice a week.
      • A: Do you do aerobics?
        singular, informal
      • B: No, I don't.
      • B: I go running every morning.
      • A: What kind of exercise do they do?
      • B: They do Pilates.
      • I like to stay in shape.
      • I'm in good shape.
      • He's not in a very good shape.
      • Milagros is in good shape.
      • What do you do to get in shape?
        singular, informal
      • Doing exercise regularly is good for your health.
        singular, informal
      • If you go on a diet and do exercise regularly, you'll lose weight.
        singular, informal
      • Regular exercise helps you keep your weight down.
        singular, informal
      • You burn off calories.
        singular, informal
      • You build up your muscles.
        singular, informal
      • I need to do some exercise.
      • We did a lot of exercises to warm up.
      • We do weight training on Wednesdays and Fridays.
      • Always warm up before you start training.
        singular, informal
      • Don't forget to stretch when you finish training.
        singular, informal
      • There's a new sports centre a few blocks from here.
      • What sports do you play?
        singular, informal
      • I play tennis.
      • She plays hockey.
      • We play football.
      • Do you want to go ice-skating?
        singular, informal
      • I love to go riding.
      • A: I started doing yoga.
      • A: It's very relaxing.
      • We do karate.
      • Swimming is very good exercise.
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