Hablar sobre deportes

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Are you good at sports?
singular, informal, masculine

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      • Are you good at sports?
        singular, informal, masculine
      • Do you play any sports?
        singular, informal
      • Do you play golf?
        singular, informal
      • Do you know how to play baseball?
        singular, informal
      • Have you ever played chess?
        singular, informal
      • Does your university have a basketball team?
        singular, informal
      • Are you on any sports team?
        singular, informal
      • What's your favourite sport?
        favoritesingular, informal
      • What's your favourite football team?
        favorite, soccersingular, informal
      • Who's your favourite tennis player?
        favoritesingular, informal
      • How many players are on a rugby team?
      • When does the season start?
      • The play-offs begin next week.
      • Where do I buy tickets?
      • Where can I get season tickets?
      • Can I help you find your seats?
        plural, formal
      • It's the kick-off
      • The score is tied.
      • We lost the match.
      • Who won the Club World Cup championship?
      • We're down by three points.
      • Their team made it to the finals.
      • They scored a touchdown!
      • Messi scored three goals.
      • On your marks, get set, go!
      • Guillermo is our best volleybol player.
      • Who's their new coach?
      • Is the game on television?
      • Do you like watching sports on TV?
        singular, informal
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