Pedir tragos en el bar

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What would you like to drink?
singular, formal

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      • What would you like to drink?
        singular, formal
      • A dry Martini, please.
      • I'd like a daiquiri on the rocks.
      • We'd like a bottle of champagne.
      • What's the house wine?
      • Would you like sherry or brandy?
        singular, formal
      • We'd like beer, please.
      • Would you like draft or bottle?
        singular, formal
      • We'll try the Mojito.
      • I'll have sparkling water.
      • Can I see your ID?
        singular, formal
      • Do you have pool tables or darts?
      • How much is the cover tonight?
      • Is there a minimum?
      • How late are you open?
        singular, formal
      • We have to tip the barman.
      • Please don't drink if you have to drive.
        singular, formal
      • Smoking outside only.
      • Do you sell cigarettes?
      • Do you have a lighter?
        singular, informal
      • Can I have a light?
        singular, informal
      • Can I close my bill?
      • Do you accept credit cards?
      • It's on me.
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