Escribiendo correos electrónicos I (formal)

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Dear Mr. Rozas,

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    In this unit:
      • Dear Mr. Rozas,
      • Dear Carlos,
      • To the Project Leader,
      • Dear Clients,
      • We're writing to confirm our appointment.
      • Regarding your e-mail sent on December 12th...
        singular, formal
      • I'd like to book the conference room for Friday.
      • I'm writing to let you know we're moving to our new offices next week.
        singular, formal
      • I know you're very busy at the moment, but I need your help.
        singular, informal, feminine
      • Could you give me some information about your new product?
        singular, formal, polite
      • Thank you for your quick reply.
        singular, formal
      • Thank you for your interest in our products.
        singular, formal
      • Thank you for your e-mail.
        singular, formal
      • Thank you for sending us your price list.
        singular, formal
      • I'm writing to complain about your poor service.
        singular, formal
      • I'm writing regarding our phone call this afternoon.
        singular, informal
      • Thank you for your help at the conference yesterday.
        singular, informal
      • A: Dear Mr. and Mrs. Rodríguez,
      • A: I'm writing to invite you to our anniversary party
        plural, formal
      • A: on Friday, October 26th.
      • A: Yours truly,
      • A: Miguel Ramirez
      • A: Dear Tomás,
      • A: Unfortunately, we have to cancel the meeting scheduled for today.
      • A: I'll call you later to arrange a new date.
        singular, formal
      • A: Kindest regards,
      • A: Franco
      • A: Dear Mrs. Benitez,
      • A: Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions.
      • A: Could we arrange a meeting for next week?
      • A: I look forward to your answer.
      • A: Sincerely,
      • A: Fernando Solís
      • A: Dear Mr. Rivera,
      • A: I'm writing with regard to your last e-mail.
      • A: How about arranging a meeting for next week?
        singular, formal
      • A: I look forward to your answer.
      • A: Kind regards,
      • A: Alicia Ramos
      • A: Joaquín,
      • A: Would you mind sending the attachments again?
        singular, informal
      • A: I deleted your e-mail by mistake, I'm sorry.
        singular, informal
      • A: Regards,
      • A: Mariana
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