Hablando sobre computadoras

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What kind of computer do you have?
singular, informal

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    In this unit:
      • What kind of computer do you have?
        singular, informal
      • Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer?
        singular, informal
      • Do you have a webcam?
        singular, informal
      • Do you have a printer and a scanner?
        singular, formal
      • What do you use the computer for?
        singular, formal
      • What operating system do you use?
        singular, formal
      • What software do you use at work?
        applicationssingular, informal
      • I make a backup every day.
      • Can I use this software in my computer?
      • I had to buy a new monitor and a keyboard.
      • This mouse is not working.
        singular, formal
      • They installed a wireless modem.
      • What are your favourite games?
        favoritesingular, informal
      • My computer isn't working properly.
      • My laptop won't start up.
      • Did you save all your files?
        singular, formal
      • The virus deleted my hard disk.
      • The system is down.
      • The screen froze.
      • Choose a document from your file list and open it.
        singular, formal
      • Cut and paste the text.
      • Always save documents before closing them.
        singular, informal
      • I couldn't exit the file.
      • There might be an error in this program.
      • David is an IT specialist.
      • Turn off the computer
      • Do you know any computer programming language?
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