En el hospital

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We need 12 blood donors.

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    In this unit:
      • We need 12 blood donors.
      • Does she need a blood transfusion?
      • I have a pain in my chest.
      • Where does it hurt?
      • Can you feel this?
        singular, formal
      • They saved her life.
      • This analgesic will relieve the pain.
        singular, formal
      • Call a nurse, please.
      • We need a stretcher.
      • They took him to hospital.
      • She was admitted to hospital.
      • He was in hospital for three weeks.
      • When is surgery sheduled?
      • He had a heart operation.
      • What are the visiting hours?
      • How long is he going to stay in the hospital?
      • Can somebody stay overnight?
      • Where's the waiting room?
      • He had an X-ray taken.
      • She needs stitches.
      • We're going to remove the stitches tomorrow.
      • They have to prevent an infection.
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