Describiendo síntomas

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I feel very tired and dizzy.

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    In this unit:
      • I feel very tired and dizzy.
      • I have a stomachache.
      • I don't feel well.
      • I don't feel very well.
      • I feel dizzy.
      • I feel sick.
      • I feel awful.
      • I have a pain in my back.
      • It's very painful.
      • It hurts a lot.
      • It doesn't hurt.
      • I'm very tired.
      • I'm exhausted.
      • I feel nausea.
      • I feel weak.
      • I think I've got a temperature.
      • I've got a headache.
      • I have a sore throat.
      • I have a cough.
      • I've been sneezing all day.
      • My allergy is bothering me.
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