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What would you like to order?
singular, formal

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      • What would you like to order?
        singular, formal
      • Is that all?
      • Is this for pick up or delivery?
      • I need your address and phone number.
      • How late do you deliver?
      • Is there a delivery charge?
      • The minimum order is 18 pesos.
      • Do you deliver to this address?
        plural, formal
      • You are outside our delivery radius.
        singular, informal
      • Your total is 57 pesos.
      • You forgot part of our order.
        singular, formal
      • Please cancel the order.
        singular, formal
      • Can I order online?
      • Please, call ahead.
      • Thank you for calling.
      • Empleado: Pizzeria, good evening.
      • Cliente: I'd like a big mozzarella pizza.
      • Empleado: Anything to drink?
      • Cliente: A large tonic water.
      • Empleado: Address?
      • Cliente: Libertad 345.
      • Cliente: How long will it take?
      • Empleado: 25 minutes.
      • Empleado: Franconi Ice-Cream, good afternoon.
      • Cliente: I'd like a kilo of ice-cream.
      • Empleado: Which flavours?
      • Cliente: Chocolate, strawberry, cherry and pineapple.
      • Empleado: What's your address?
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: 1256 Portales street, first Floor A.
      • Empleado: There's a 40 minute delay.
      • Cliente: No problem.
      • Empleado: Chau Mieng, good evening.
      • Cliente: Do you do deliveries?
        plural, formal
      • Empleado: Yes, what would you like?
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: A serving of spring rolls.
      • Empleado: It's 20 pesos.
      • Empleado: How are you going to pay?
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: I have a 50 pesos bill.
      • Cliente: How long will it take?
      • Empleado: Your order will be ready in 20 minutes.
        singular, formal
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