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A:Hello, I'm looking for a white blouse.

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    In this unit:
      • A: Hello, I'm looking for a white blouse.
      • Vendedor: For you?
      • A: Yes.
      • Vendedor: What size are you?
        singular, informal
      • A: I think I'm an M.
      • Vendedor: Let me see.
        singular, informal
      • Vendedor: Do you like this one?
        singular, informal
      • A: Yes, it's OK.
      • A: Can I try it on?
      • Vendedor: Yes, the fitting room is on the left.
      • Vendedora: Does it fit you?
        singular, informal
      • A: It's a bit small.
      • Vendedora: Do you want a larger size?
        singular, informal
      • A: Can I see that shirt in blue?
      • Vendedora: Yes, I'll bring it right away.
        singular, formal
      • A: I'm looking for a raincoat.
      • Vendedora: Come with me, please.
        singular, formal
      • Vendedora: They're over there.
      • A: Do you have sport jackets?
        singular, formal
      • Vendedora: For men or for women?
      • Vendedora: What type of trousers do you want?
        pantssingular, formal
      • A: What models do you have?
      • Vendedora: We have high and low waist.
      • A: Do you have wool sweaters?
      • Vendedora: Any colour in particular?
      • A: What type of neck do sweaters have?
      • Vendedora: Turtle-neck, V-neck and round neck.
      • A: Can I see the ones with turtle-neck?
      • A: Can she change the dress if she doesn't like it?
      • Vendedora: Yes, you have five working days to change it.
      • Vendedora: How are you going to pay?
        singular, formal
      • A: By credit card.
      • Vendedora: One payment, or in installements?
      • A: One payment.
      • Vendedora: Do I wrap it for a present?
        singular, informal
      • A: Yes, please.
      • Vendedora: You can take two pairs of these socks for 5 pesos.
        singular, formal
      • A: No, thanks.
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