En la estación de trenes o autobuses

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Where are the ticket counters?
booths, ticket office

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    In this unit:
      • Where are the ticket counters?
        booths, ticket office
      • Where are the ticket machines?
      • What time does the bus arrive?
      • I want a ticket to Córdoba.
      • What time does the next train to La Rioja leave?
      • Can I buy the ticket on the bus?
      • Is there a student discount?
        plural, formal
      • I'd like to travel to Chaco on Friday, January 5th.
      • What platform does the train to Toledo leave from?
      • Is the bus to Monterrey delayed?
      • Where do I put my suitcases?
      • Can I take this bag with me on the bus?
      • You should tip the porter.
        singular, informal
      • How often do trains to Ramallo leave?
      • Vendedora: What kind of service do you want?
        singular, formal
      • A: What's the difference?
      • Vendedora: Here you can see pictures of the seats.
        singular, formal
      • A: What is the first class service like?
      • Vendedora: Seats can be fully reclined.
      • Vendedora: There's breakfast and dinner service.
      • A: How much does a ticket to Los Picos cost?
      • Vendedora: It costs 250 pesos.
      • A: What's the schedule?
      • Vendedora: There are services every four hours.
      • A: What time does it arrive?
      • Vendedora: At 5:30 pm.
      • A: Is the trip direct?
      • Vendedora: No, there's a thirty-minute stop in Rosario.
      • A: I want two seats on the first class service leaving at 10 pm.
      • Vendedora: I need your passport.
        singular, formal
      • A: Here you go.
        formal, singular
      • Vendedora: Do you prefer upstairs or downstairs?
        singular, formal
      • A: Is it possible upstairs, at the front row?
      • Vendedora: Yes, there are two seats available.
      • Vendedora: Aisle or window?
      • A: Window, please.
      • A: Where does the bus leave from?
      • Vendedora: From platform 10.
      • Conductor: We've arrived in Coro.
      • Conductor: We'll stop for 20 minutes.
      • Conductor: Everybody has to get off the bus.
      • A: A ticket to Luján, please.
      • Vendedora: One way or return?
      • A: What time does the last train leave?
      • Vendedora: At midnight.
      • Inspectora: Tickets, please!
      • A: I don't have a ticket.
      • A: Can you sell me one?
        singular, formal
      • Inspectora: No, sir.
      • Inspectora: You have to buy the ticket before getting on the bus.
        singular, formal
      • Inspectora: Now you must pay a fine.
        singular, formal
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