Preguntando por direcciones y lugares

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      • Can I help you?
      • Do you need any help?
        singular, informal
      • Where's the hotel?
      • Where's the train station?
      • Is there a bank near here?
      • Is there a supermarket near here?
      • Where's the museum?
      • Is there a chemist's near here?
        drugstore, pharmacy
      • Is there a shopping centre near here?
        shopping center, mall
      • Is it near?
      • Is it far?
      • Is it near here?
      • Is it far from here?
      • Where is it?
      • How do I get to the airport?
      • How do I get to the cathedral?
      • Is the zoo near here?
      • Is the underground station near here?
      • How far is it?
      • How far is it from here?
      • Which is the way?
      • Which is the best way?
      • Can you show me on the map?
        singular, informal
      • I'm lost.
      • We lost our way.
      • You can go by taxi.
        singular, informal
      • Let's take the underground.
        subway, metro
      • Can we go by train?
      • Walk to the corner.
        singular, informal
      • Go across the street.
      • Turn left.
      • Go straight ahead.
      • Don't turn right.
        singular, informal
      • Take the first left.
        singular, informal
      • Take the second right.
        singular, formal
      • Go down Insurgentes Avenue.
        singular, formal
      • Walk past the post office.
        singular, formal
      • Follow the traffic signs.
        singular, formal
      • Turn right at the second traffic light.
        singular, formal
      • A: Excuse me.
        singular, formal
      • A: Where's the Italian restaurant?
      • Transeúnte: Over there.
      • A: Is this the main square?
      • Transeúnte: Yes.
      • A: Excuse me.
        singular, informal
      • A: Where's the bus station?
      • Transeúnte: It's at the end of the street.
      • A: Can you tell me how to get to the train station?
        singular, formal
      • Transeúnte: Go straight ahead for two blocks and turn left.
        singular, formal
      • Transeúnte: Then, walk one more block.
        singular, formal
      • Transeúnte: You'll see the station on your right.
        singular, formal
      • A: Thank you.
      • A: I think I'm lost.
        singular, formal, femenine
      • A: Where's Tellado street?
      • Transeúnte: It's the second street to the south.
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