Tomando un taxi

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Where's the taxi stand?

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    In this unit:
      • Where's the taxi stand?
      • We need a taxi, please.
      • Could you call a taxi, please?
        singular, formal
      • Can you take me to the shopping centre?
        singular, formal
      • I'm going to the Art Museum.
      • Where is the Chinese restaurant?
      • We're going to 234 Bolívar Street.
      • I need to go to the Space Museum, please.
      • I have to get there as fast as possible.
      • Can you take me to Central Station?
        singular, formal
      • Taxista: Do you have the address?
        singular, formal
      • How many people can get in?
      • How much does it cost to go to the old town?
      • Are there any additional costs?
      • Fare is based on distance.
      • Fare is based on journey time.
      • Can you pick me up at 8?
        singular, formal
      • I'll start the meter.
      • I think the meter is wrong.
      • Slow down, please.
        singular, formal
      • Do you have change?
        singular, formal
      • We accept cash and credit cards.
      • We don't accept credit cards.
      • I need a receipt, please.
      • No smoking, please.
        singular, formal
      • Tips are not included.
      • Keep the change.
        singular, formal
      • Is there a flat rate to the aiport?
      • Taxista: Where are you going?
      • A: To Callao and Lampa, please.
      • Taxista: Where are you going?
        singular, formal
      • A: To the Gran Rex theatre.
      • Taxista: Where is it exactly?
      • A: It's on Corrientes 857.
      • A: Stop here, please.
        singular, formal
      • Taxista: Right-hand side or left-hand side?
      • A: Is it possible to stop on the left?
      • Taxista: Yes, no problem.
      • A: We are going to the zoo.
      • Taxista: Along Las Heras Avenue or Libertador Avenue?
      • A: I don't know.
      • A: Which is the fastest way?
      • Taxista: It's the same at this time of the day.
      • A: Could we make a quick stop?
      • Taxista: Yes, but the meter keeps running.
      • A: How much does the wait cost?
      • Taxista: Thirty cents a minute.
      • A: To the Melia Lima hotel, please.
      • A: How much is it approximately?
      • Taxista: Around seventy soles.
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