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What shall we order?

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    In this unit:
      • What shall we order?
      • Are you ready to order?
        singular, formal, masculine
      • Could I have the menu?
      • Could I have another menu, please?
      • What do you recommend?
        singular, formal
      • Could I see the wine list?
      • Do you have wine by the glass?
        singular, formal
      • I'll have the tomato soup as a starter.
      • Then, I'll try the mushroom and cheese ravioli with scarparo sauce.
      • Could you bring olive oil and vinegar, please?
        singular, formal
      • Are the servings large?
      • The pasta smells great!
      • The cheesecake is delicious!
      • Could I have strawberries instead of lime pie?
      • Did you enjoy dinner?
        singular, formal
      • Shall I bring you the bill?
        checkformal, plural
      • Could you bring us the bill?
        checksingular, formal
      • Cliente: This knife is dirty.
      • Cliente: Could you bring another one?
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: I booked a table for five.
      • Cliente: Where can we sit?
      • Mesero: You can choose any place you prefer.
        plural, formal
      • Mesero: Welcome.
        plural, masculine
      • Mesero: Choose the table you like.
      • Cliente: We'd like a table near the window.
      • Mesero: Good evening.
        at night time
      • Mesero: Can I take your order?
      • Cliente: We're not ready yet.
      • Mesero: Good afternoon, what will you have?
      • Cliente: We don't know yet.
      • Cliente: What do you recommend?
      • Cliente: Do you have vegetarian dishes?
        singular, formal
      • Mesero: Yes, we do.
      • Cliente: Great.
      • Mesero: What would you like to drink?
        singular, informal
      • Cliente: Water, please.
      • Mesero: ¿Sparkling or still?
      • Cliente: Sparkling.
      • Cliente: How's the house wine?
      • Mesero: It's an exquisite Malbec.
      • Cliente: A bottle, please.
      • Cliente: This is not what I ordered.
      • Mesero: I'm sorry.
      • Mesero: I'll bring your dish right away.
        singular, formal
      • Cliente: My spaghetti has tomato sauce, but I ordered pesto.
      • Mesero: I'm sorry.
      • Mesero: I misunderstood.
      • Mesero: Would you like to order dessert now?
        singular, informal
      • Cliente: I'd like a cup of tea.
      • Cliente: Excuse me, where are the toilets?
      • Mesero: At the end of the corridor, on the left.
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