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Recepcionista:Good morning, ma'am.

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    In this unit:
      • Recepcionista: Good morning, ma'am.
      • Recepcionista: May I help you?
        singular, formal, femenine
      • Huésped: I want to check in, please.
      • I need to book a room.
      • I'd like to book a room.
      • I booked a double room, from January 4th to 15th.
      • How much does the room cost?
      • What's the price of the room?
      • Would you please fill in the registration card?
      • Your credit card, please.
      • It's room 98, on the ninth floor.
      • The lifts are on your left.
      • You will receive your reservation confirmation by email.
        singular, formal
      • Recepcionista: Leave your baggage here.
        bellhopsingular, informal
      • Recepcionista: The bellman will take it up to your room.
        singular, informal
      • Is breakfast included in the price?
      • What time do you serve breakfast?
      • Is there an Internet connection in the room?
      • What's your card number?
      • How can I pay?
      • In cash or by credit card.
      • Do you offer student discount?
      • I have a discount coupon from a magazine.
      • Can I make a reservation for a city tour?
      • Huésped: Is dinner included?
      • Recepcionista: Yes, we have two options: half board and full board.
      • Huésped: What does that mean?
      • Recepcionista: "Half board" includes breakfast and dinner.
      • Recepcionista: "Full board" includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
      • Huésped: What type of breakfast do you serve?
      • Mesero: We offer continental breakfast.
      • Huésped: What does that mean?
      • Mesero: It includes coffee or tea, toast and marmalade.
      • Mesero: We offer buffet breakfast.
      • Huésped: What is the buffet breakfast like?
      • Huésped: Do you lock the entrance door at any hour?
      • Recepcionista: No, the hotel is open all night long.
      • Huésped: I'd like to stay two more nights.
      • Recepcionista: Yes, no problem.
      • Recepcionista: In the same room?
      • Huésped: My room is too noisy.
      • Recepcionista: Do you want another room?
        singular, formal
      • Huésped: Yes, please.
      • Huésped: Do you have rooms for three people?
      • Recepcionista: I'm sorry, the hotel is fully booked.
      • Huésped: I'm going to San Jose for two days.
      • Huésped: Can I leave my luggage at the hotel?
      • Recepcionista: Yes, we have storage service.
      • Huésped: Is it free?
      • Recepcionista: No, it's five euros a day.
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