Preguntas con 'Dónde'

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A:Where are you?
singular, informal

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      • A: Where are you?
        singular, informal
      • B: I'm at home.
      • A: Where am I?
      • B: You're in the dining-room.
        singular, informal
      • A: Where is Andrés?
      • B: He's in his office.
      • A: Where is Jimena?
      • B: She's in the kitchen.
      • A: Where is Ricardo?
      • B: He's at work.
      • A: Where is Graciela?
      • B: She's at her shop.
      • A: Where is the tea?
      • B: It's in the cupboard in the kitchen.
      • A: Where is the dictionary?
      • B: It's in the bookcase.
      • A: Where are we?
      • B: We're in Plaza Mayor.
      • A: Where are the children?
      • B: They're at school.
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