Integración: adjetivos y pronombres posesivos

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These glasses are mine.

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    In this unit:
      • These glasses are mine.
      • Are those books yours?
        singular, informal
      • This credit card isn't hers.
      • That umbrella is his.
      • No, that car is not ours.
      • Is this office yours?
        singular, informal
      • Are those flats theirs?
      • A: This is my passport.
      • A: This passport is mine.
      • A: These are your clothes.
        singular, informal
      • A: These clothes are yours.
        singular, informal
      • A: That's her phone number.
      • A: That phone number is hers.
      • A: That's his T-shirt.
      • A: That T-shirt is his.
      • A: Those are our bicycles.
      • A: Those bicycles are ours.
      • A: These are not our tools.
      • A: These tools are not ours.
      • A: These are not their tickets.
      • A: These tickets are no theirs.
      • A: Whose coat is this?
      • B: It's mine.
      • A: Whose mp3 player is that?
      • B: That is Laura's.
      • A: Whose guitar is that?
      • B: That is his guitar.
      • A: Is this scarf yours?
        singular, informal
      • B: No, it's hers.
      • A: I like Karina's pictures.
      • B: Yes, her pictures are great.
      • A: Are these your gloves?
      • B: No, they aren't ours.
      • A: Whose is this?
      • B: It's mine.
      • Whose coat is that?
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