Verbos 'ser' + adjetivo y 'tener' + sustantivo

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I'm happy.

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    In this unit:
      • I'm happy.
      • I'm hot.
      • Are you tired?
        singular, informal
      • Are you hungry?
        singular, informal
      • Lucia is sad.
      • I'm not thirsty.
      • She's not angry.
      • Karina is sleepy.
      • We're happy.
      • We're cold.
      • Elizabeth is angry.
      • They're not sad.
      • They're hot.
      • I'm thirsty.
      • A: What's the matter?
        with him
      • B: He's tired.
      • A: What's the matter?
        with them
      • B: We're cold.
      • A: What's the matter?
        in general
      • B: Eduardo is happy.
      • A: What's the matter?
        in general
      • B: We're hungry.
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