Preguntas con 'Cómo'

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A:What is his new CD like?

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    In this unit:
      • A: What is his new CD like?
      • B: It's very good.
      • A: What is Hernán like?
      • B: He's short and thin.
      • A: What is your new office like?
        singular, informal
      • B: It's very comfortable.
      • A: What is your new secretary like?
        singular, informal, feminine
      • B: She's very tall.
      • A: What is Martin like?
      • B: He's very good looking.
      • A: What is you new flat like?
      • B: It's very big.
      • A: What is that book like?
      • B: It's boring.
      • A: What is the film like?
      • B: It's very interesting.
      • A: What is the cake like?
      • B: It's delicious.
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