Adjetivos III - Los colores

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The car is grey.

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    In this unit:
      • The car is grey.
      • The cars are grey.
      • The book is brown.
      • The books are brown.
      • The rose is white.
      • The roses are white.
      • The flower is light-blue.
      • The flowers are light-blue.
      • The hat is pink.
      • The hats are pink.
      • The baloon is orange.
      • The baloons are orange.
      • The submarine is yellow.
      • The submarines are yellow.
      • Her hair is black.
      • His eyes are black.
      • I love the green skirt.
      • I don't like the green skirts.
      • The sofa is purple.
      • The sofas are purple.
      • A: What colour are your new shoes?
        colorsingular, informal
      • B: They're black.
      • A: What colour is his car?
      • B: It's grey.
      • A: What colour is your tie?
        colorsingular, informal
      • B: It's blue, red and green.
      • A: What colour are the flowers?
      • B: They're yellow, orange and pink.
      • A: What colour is the other shirt?
      • B: It's light-blue.
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    Adjetivos III - Los colores

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