Verbo 'tener': negativo

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I haven't got a car.

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    In this unit:
      • I haven't got a car.
      • You haven't got a big house.
      • He hasn't got a boat.
      • She hasn't got four blue T-shirts.
      • The flat has four rooms.
      • We haven't got a big family.
      • You haven't got a house on the beach.
      • They don't have many friends.
      • I haven't got a motorcycle.
      • She hasn't got a big bed.
      • I haven't got a fork.
      • He hasn't got your umbrella.
        singular, informal
      • You haven't got sisters.
        singular, informal
      • They haven't got the new book.
      • It hasn't got a big boot.
      • We haven't got a camera.
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    Verbo 'tener': negativo

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