Posesión: 'de' + sustantivo

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Ema's book.

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    In this unit:
      • Ema's book.
      • They are Santiago's brothers.
      • Julian's car is in the garage.
      • These are not Juan's glasses.
      • Luis is Monica's son.
      • Susana's book is in her handbag.
      • Pedro's flat is in Buenos Aires.
      • Is Ana's brother at home?
      • This is Sandra's computer.
      • These are not my father's CDs.
      • Those are my mother's plants.
      • Do you like Paula's dress?
      • My brother's friends are at the club.
      • Is this Mariana's mobile phone?
        cell phone
      • Is the doctor's secretary here?
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    Posesión: 'de' + sustantivo

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