Adjetivos posesivos

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My dog is called Charlie.

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    In this unit:
      • My dog is called Charlie.
      • This is my suitcase.
      • She's my mother.
      • These are my dictionaries.
      • This is your supervisor.
      • Are they your parents?
        singular, informal
      • That is his car.
      • Those are her pictures.
      • This is our son.
      • Our parents are at a restaurant.
      • Your suitcases are in that room.
        singular, formal
      • Their friends are at the museum.
      • Those are their books.
      • ¿Is he your lawyer?
      • It's my mobile phone.
        cell phone
      • This is my friend Jorge.
      • Their father is a dentist.
      • This is my sister.
      • Those are our pets.
      • Where are your children?
      • His wife is a dentist.
      • Our books are in that bookcase.
      • They are our teachers.
      • That is your bicycle.
        singular, formal
      • Their bags are in the car.
      • My daughter is in her bedroom.
      • This is her husband.
      • My name is Laura.
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    Adjetivos posesivos

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