La hora

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What time is it?

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    In this unit:
      • What time is it?
      • It's one o'clock.
      • It's seven o'clock.
      • It's half past one.
      • It's three o'clock.
      • It's quarter past one.
      • It's quarter to five.
      • It's three forty-seven.
      • It's half past twelve.
      • It's ten o clock.
      • It's twenty-five to one.
      • It's twenty to two.
      • It's half past four.
      • It's quarter past eight.
      • It's one thirteen.
      • It's quarter past six.
      • It's quarter to eleven.
      • It's ten past six.
      • It's five to eleven.
      • It's twenty past five.
      • A: What time is it?
      • B: It's twenty-five past nine.
      • A: What time is the party?
      • B: At half past six.
      • A: What time is the film?
      • B: At ten to three.
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