Integración: verbos 'ser' y 'estar'

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The dog is in the garden.

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    In this unit:
      • The dog is in the garden.
      • They are Ignacio and Julián.
      • She's not in the living room.
      • Paola Costa is Brazilian.
      • Is he at home?
      • They're from London.
      • The printer is on that desk.
      • The Bauer are German.
      • My keys are not in my pocket.
      • Luis is not a manager.
      • Pablo is downstairs.
      • We aren't students.
      • Laura isn't in the casino.
      • You're not Canadian.
      • Is the bus stop near here?
      • Is Pedro a good doctor?
      • I'm on the third floor.
      • Is this an interesting website?
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    Integración: verbos 'ser' y 'estar'

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