Verbo 'estar' + lugar: interrogativo

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Are you at the supermarket?
singular, informal

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    In this unit:
      • Are you at the supermarket?
        singular, informal
      • Is she at the shoe shop?
        shoe store
      • Is he at home?
      • Is your cat on the sofa?
      • Are you on the beach?
      • Are we in the right place?
      • Are the children at school?
      • Are Pedro and Paula at the entrance?
      • Are your keys in the drawer?
      • Is your mobile phone in your handbag?
        cell phone / purse
      • Is Elena in her new flat?
      • Is Silvia here?
      • Are you on the second floor?
      • Is Pablo downstairs?
      • Are you at home?
      • Are they at the theatre?
      • Is your sister in Los Angeles?
      • Is the bus stop near here?
      • Is it in the box?
      • Are we in his office?
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    Verbo 'estar' + lugar: interrogativo

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