Verbo 'ser' + nacionalidades

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I'm Mexican.

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    In this unit:
      • I'm Mexican.
      • I'm from Mexico.
      • Paola Costa is Brazilian.
      • She's from Recife.
      • Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are British.
      • They're from the United Kingdom.
      • They're from London.
      • We're Australian.
      • Tom Smith is English.
      • He's from England.
      • She's from York, a city in England.
      • Laura and Roberto are Italian.
      • They're from Italy.
      • They're from Rome.
      • The Bauer are German.
      • They are from Germany.
      • They're from Berlin.
      • Mr. and Mrs. White are American.
      • They come from the USA.
      • They're from Baltimore, a city in the USA.
      • Florencia is Uruguayan.
      • He's from Peru.
      • Diego is Chilean.
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    Verbo 'ser' + nacionalidades

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